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Since 2002, we at European Space Imaging have committed ourselves to providing much more than the world’s highest quality satellite imagery.

Vom Multistereo zum hochaufgelösten Höhenmodell – Europa in 3D
AGIT Exclusive (German Speaking Video)

Sehen Sie, wie European Space Imaging Multistereo Satellitenbilder mit einer Auflösung von 30cm aufnimmt und GAF AG daraus höchst genaue Höhenmodelle und 3D Visualisierungen kreiert.

SAR/Optical Imagery Integration (AKA Tipping & Cueing)

Learn more about how European Space Imaging offers a seamless tipping and cueing workflow that integrates SAR and Optical satellite data in order to rapidly deliver analysed and annotated VHR imagery.

Monitoring Pipelines with Satellite Imagery

Using the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available along with tailor-made Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection solutions, European Space Imaging offers asset managers the ability to remotely monitor encroachment issues along utilities Right of Ways (RoW).

Satellite Imagery for Railway Vegetation Management

True 30 cm Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery is being adopted for railroad companies across Europe in an effort to develop methods to more efficiently control vegetation encroaching on the tracks.

Using Satellite Imagery to Map & Classify Urban Poor Areas

Hannes Taubenböck and his team at DLR are using Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery, supplied by European Space Imaging, combined with auxiliary surveys to develop a base model classification system for the shape and structure of urban poor areas around the world.

Automated Beach Litter Detection Using Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning

The Tama Group demonstrates how they use machine learning to detect trash along beaches from VHR satellite imagery and generate density maps to aid in cleanup efforts.

Rapid Delivery of Satellite Imagery Within a Small Weather Window: Middle Black Sea Region, Turkey

Capturing 40,000 sq. km of Very High Resolution satellite imagery in one of the cloudiest regions in the world. European Space Imaging completed it in only 7 weeks!

Keyne Eye: Smart Urban Planning

Milton Keynes collaborated with European Space Imaging partner Satellite Applications Catapult, to investigate whether a more effective method could be found to detect changes to land over time, ensuring that planning management policies were adhered to.

SecureWatch Demonstration (Formerly EarthWatch)

European Space Imaging recently recorded a webinar in which they demonstrated all the functionality of the powerful new satellite imagery platform by Maxar, SecureWatch.

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