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Enhance Site Selection

Utilise cutting edge data to ensure optimal infrastructure building sites

manage assets

Remotely monitor heavy equipment, supplies and building progress

Monitor Compliance

Use unhindered satellite access to keep track of every detail of construction

As the construction industry faces challenges regarding new infrastructure demands and green building initiatives, Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery becomes an essential tool. Satellite imagery not only compliments and enhances traditional in situ data, but opens the door for innovative techniques in large scale project planning, monitoring and impact evaluation applications.

EU climate initiatives push construction firms to use satellite imagery for infrastructure site selection

Read about this and more satellite imagery applications in the AEC INCITE industry report, The 123 Of AEC: Renewing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry with Satellite Imagery


European Space Imaging provides the highest resolution satellite imagery commercially available. Imagery with this level of clarity allows analysts to see vehicle types, personnel activities, individual plants and building/infrastructure construction details. It’s perfect for:

  • Equipment inventory
  • Monitoring Projects
  • Small Feature Identification
  • Studying Traffic Patterns
  • Verifying Property Lines
  • Optimising on-site inspections


Satellites have no boundaries, no boarders and no restrictions like on-site or aerial inspections. Satellites can have a permanent and programmed focus on a single location over the course of months or even years. Coupled with high enough resolution to idenitify small objects, project managers can monitor and collect data on multiple sites around the globe from a desktop.

From a compliance perspective, having detailed daily or weekly images of ground activities can be used to prove what happened and when in the case of any legal disputes.

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The measurement and visualisation of topography and existing structures is key in the pre-construction planning phase. The ability to accurately lay out temporary facilities and heavy equipment access in tight urban as well sprawling countryside project sites can greatly reduce unknown factors and prevent delays during the construction process.

Remotely sensed Digital Elevation models and 3D renderings can achieve usable levels of accuracy for many applications and cut costs as much as 30% when compared to ground surveys.

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The 123 Of AEC: Renewing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry with Satellite Imagery

The definitive guide to acquiring and using satellite imagery in the AEC industry.

SAR image of the Octagon

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