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Explore the Past

Browse our archive with billions of square km dating back to 1999

Identify Materials

Locate and classify man-made materials and geologic minerals on Earth’s Surface

Detect Small Objects

See road markings, structural details, animals and individual plants

European Space Imaging offers satellite image data of unmatched resolution and quality. Make sure you are using the best data for your study, so that you get the best results possible. See more than you ever imagined.

Need imagery on a low budget?

We offer an 80% discount to qualified projects from academic and research institutes

Detailed Analysis

Very high resolution satellite imagery is clear enough to show road lines, sidewalks, vehicles, small structures and even people. This allows for precise analytics for city development. It is ideal for:

  • Studying Traffic Patterns
  • Monitoring Animal Herds
  • Small Feature Identification
  • Verifying Property Lines
  • Mapping Road Features
  • Precise Calculations

Historical Archive

We have been collecting satellite imagery since 1999, during which time we have amassed an invaluable library documenting changes on the Earth’s surface for the past twenty years. Analysis of this data can yield valuable insights into how the Earth has changed, and how it is likely to change next. Here are some examples of what this archive is being used for:

  • Environment monitoring
  • Global warming impact assessments
  • Urban development monitoring
  • Soil losses monitoring
  • Disaster impact monitoring
  • Forest fire and crime prediction software
  • Automated counting of objects such as cars, shipping containers, and houses
  • Monitoring present and historical change of glaciers, dams, and rivers
  • Detecting illegal activity such as logging and oil spills

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We have access to hundreds of multispectral and hyperspectral band combinations – allowing you to see more of what is actually happening on the ground. Multispectral imagery can assist in building inspection, synthetic material identification, vegetation health analysis and water depth assessment. Short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery can even see through smoke, detect heat and identify geological minerals.

Everyday innovative discoveries are being made by leveraging the power of multispectral bands.


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