True 30 cm
VHR Imagery

The highest quality resolution imagery for projects that require unparalleled clarity.

Madrid Airport 30cm

The power of 30 cm

10 m

Suitable for large land area coverage but will not provide any detailed data.

1 m

Provides some level of detail but will hinder detection and measurement objectives.

30 cm

The highest detail available and ideal for object identification and mapping.

The power of 30cm Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery lies in its ability to detect small objects. It allows you to achieve a level accuracy that’s necessary in order for your project to succeed. Through use of the WorldView-3 satellite and our ground control station near Munich, Germany, we are able to proficiently deliver 30 cm and other VHR imagery to you.

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capturing the truth

Other providers re-sample to achieve the appearance of Very High Resolution, but European Space Imaging captures in TRUE 30 cm resolution.