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Access to the most spectral bands so you can see beyond the naked eye.


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Multispectral bands


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SWIR Bands

The power to see beyond the visible light spectrum cannot be overstated. With hundreds of current applications and countless more waiting to be discovered, multispectral imagery is the key to unlocking insights in any industry. European Space Imaging captures imagery with up to 8 multispectral bands plus the ability to collect imagery in Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) and hyperspectral as well.

With 8-band multispectral imagery, you can answer questions like:

  • Is there excavated material from the construction of an underground facility?
  • Will the health of the crops in this area provide food security?
  • Are illicit crops being grown?
  • Is this location suitable for a beach landing?
  • Have reinforcing materials been applied to this facility?
  • Has equipment been camouflaged from view?
  • Is this material steel, polymer or paint?
  • Are there significant features that might otherwise be overlooked?

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Spectral Bands


Through our strategic partnerships, European Space Imaging offers hyperspectral imagery with resolutions as high as 5 m. The key factor that separates hyperspectral imagery is the width of the spectral bands. With hundreds of bands covering VNIR and SWIR spectrums, analytics become much more precise.

Only a small number of space-based imagery providers offer hyperspectral imagery, though the potential for industry disrupting applications are already making headway across the globe.