Satellite Imagery

in Agriculture and Forestry

Evaluate vegetation health, study land use and manage food security

Very High Resolution (VHR) optical satellite imagery can be an essential tool to respond to threats against agriculture and forestry as it offers a non-destructive mean of proving recurrent information from both a local and global scale.
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Very high resolution satellite imagery is detailed enough to show individual trees, which allows precise monitoring of forest and crop assets. It is ideal for:

  • Detecting illegal logging
  • Estimating the number of trees in a forest
  • Calculating carbon stocks
  • Identifying tree stress and pest infections
  • Supporting firefighting efforts
  • Protection of natural forests


The WorldView constellation has more spectral diversity and better spatial resolution than any other fleet of satellites – allowing you to see more of what is actually happening on your land. A near-infrared (NIR) image like this one shows the healthy vegetation as red, and is sensitive enough to discriminate between types of plants, their stage of maturity, and changes in plant health before they are visible to the human eye. This enables:

  • Early warning of health problems
  • Data for calculating yield
  • Optimising harvest timing
  • Monitoring of weeds, insect pests, or diseases
  • Irrigation system planning and inspection
  • Managing water resources and soil quality

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VHR satellite images can be used in software utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect and analyse changes over time. This rapidly growing technology offers “off-the-shelf” solutions for a number of applications including:

  • Ensuring global food security
  • Extracting trends in plant health and productivity
  • Validating activity and compliance
  • Localizing inputs such as fertilizer
  • Smart and timely management decisions

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