Since the launch of the first commercial VHR satellite, we at European Space Imaging have committed ourselves to providing much more than the world’s highest quality satellite imagery.

We provide solutions. Utilising our multi-mission ground station at the German Aerospace Center, our team of geospatial experts are able to bring together unique partnerships, innovative techniques and tailored services to achieve results for any project.


Giving unrivaled perspective of events on the ground and at sea, our satellite imagery offers the resolution, frequency, spectral bands, accuracy and historical archive to drive innovation and solve problems.


Vital for infrastructure, transportation and emergency response applications, our advanced mapping solutions mean you spend less time making maps and more time making progress.

3D Products

Not all data is created equal. Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and advanced 3D visualisations answer crucial questions, provide unique insights and give decision makers the data they require for success.

software & Analytics

Data may be the most valuable resource in the world, but without the proper tools to manage and analyse that data, it falls short of its full potential. We have teamed up with the most trusted geospatial value-added service companies in the world, to offer an array of software options to optimize raster and vector data ingestion, storage, processing and analysis for any application.

Custom Solutions

One size never fits all in the rapidly changing world of geospatial analytics. We partner with top companies around the globe to create tailored and scalable solutions that leverage advanced computing, innovative workflows and the highest quality data.

Rivers and Lakes are Drying as Europe Faces Worst Drought in 500 Years

According to the report “Drought in Europe” released in July 2022 by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) Global Drought Observatory, a staggering…

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