Seen From Space: Landslide in the Swiss Alps

Eight people are missing after a massive landslide in Bondo, near the Italian border in the south of Switzerland.

On Wednesday August 23rd a huge chunk broke off the side of a mountain in Bondo, in the southern Swiss Alps, at speeds of more than 250km/h. It is suspected that the resulting landslide swept away eight hikers.

A second landslide followed on Friday August 25th, causing rescuers to abandon the search for the missing people, and a third landslide on August 31st poured more rubble into the beleaguered village.

European Space Imaging photographed the scene from space on August 27th and September 5th, using the very high resolution satellites WorldView-3 and WorldView-4.

It can clearly been seen that mud and rubble from the two landslides have destroyed houses and roads.