aleph-1 constellation

When it comes to satellite imagery, there are a number of important factors to consider when making the right choice of which imagery to choose. Resolution, revisit, delivery times and cost are usually the main deciding factors. The Aleph-1 constellation can collect more than 4 million sq km per day, has a revisit rate of up to 4 times per day, delivers resolution up to 70 cm and at a lower cost than other providers.

high Frequency

Multiple daily revisits of every point on earth


The industry’s most competitive price point

Very high Resolution

70 cm resolution multispectral VHR imagery

European Space Imaging partnered with Satellogic to bring innovative new imagery products to Europe and North Africa. Through this partnership, we are able to offer the highest capacity for VHR imagery in the world. Satellogic has been able to dramatically drive down the cost of building and maintaining satellites in order to give access to a broader range of industries and applications. Nearly three dozen satellites in orbit by 2023 allow for weekly remapping of the entire Earth—and daily remapping with over 200 satellites planned by 2025.

Take advantage of exciting new geospatial products such as hyperspectral imagery, full-motion video, and RF device tracking for enhanced geospatial analysis and better decision making.


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70 cm VHR Imagery

Satellogic multispectral imagery provided by European Space Imaging allows you to monitor economic activity and high-frequency changes to infrastructure and the natural environment with sub-meter resolutions.

SuperResolution enhances the spatial resolution of Satellogic 99 cm native GSD imagery to 70 cm using proprietary processing techniques. This improves the clarity of the original image without disrupting the integrity of radiometric values—creating a product optimized for machine learning and AI applications.


70 cm SuperResolution Image | Suez Canal, Egypt   

Full-Motion Video

The ability to capture Full-Motion Video (FMV) from satellite sensors is a novel advancement in Earth Observation. Understanding event progression opens new insights into the occurrence and variance of economic activities, security risks, and natural events unfolding across the globe.

Satellogic FMV provided by European Space Imaging is delivered as a stabilised MP4 file, up to 60 seconds long at 10 fps and 1 meter resolution.

Aleph Platform

Simplify your workflow and gain direct access to Satellogic’s high-frequency, high-resolution satellite imagery. With transparent pricing and flexible licensing options, Aleph makes it easy to securely search our image library, order new captures, and stream or download imagery all via our intuitive web app or API.

  • Streamlined ordering process with no sales contact required
  • Transparent and differentiated pricing fit for every budget
  • Reliable and secure web app plus flexible API options
  • Single source for global high-resolution satellite imagery