The freshest VHR elevation data with urgent delivery so you can get to work immediately


The Most Up-to-date Elevation Data

Surface & Terrain

Accurate elevation models containing both DTM and DSM data

Next Day Delivery

Digital Elevation Models are delivered in as little as 24 hours after image collection

30 cm Resolution Textures

The highest quality satellite imagery used as textures on all sides

European Space Imaging has partnered with GAF AG to offer this revolutionary elevation product. With RapidDEM, users can get fresh Very High Resolution (VHR) Digital Elevation Models (DEM) delivered 24 hours after collection.

Utilizing a sophisticated method whereby five VHR stereoscopic images are collected from varying angles on a single satellite pass, European Space Imaging is able to provide incredibly accurate elevation data and the highest quality 30 cm resolution textures to GAF AG, who then builds the 3D model and rush delivers it to the end user.

The ability to deliver up-to-date elevation models has high impact applications for:

  • GEOINT – Fresh 3D models of critical areas for mission planning and rapid decision making
  • Construction / Infrastructure Planning – When elevation data is old or missing during the site selection process
  • Emergency Management – Post-event 3D models for landslides, earthquakes or mountainous terrain delivered in time for response crews to utilise

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Demo: Lisbon, Portugal textured model