Pascal Schichor Successfully Elected to the EARSC Board of Directors

European Space Imaging are proud to announce that Pascal Schichor, Sales Director, has been successful in his election to the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) Board of Directors.

EARSC Directors are responsible for overseeing the actions by EARSC and are elected each year by EARSC members. As part of their role, they promote and carry out the activities of EARSC and ensure that the Earth Observation industry has a voice. Furthermore, they work to raise and increase awareness of EO, represent the industry to EU decision makers and act in a mentor capacity to companies within the industry to help foster relationships and information sharing.

“We are pleased to have Pascal representing European Space Imaging and the wider remote sensing community on the EARSC Board of Directors” said Adrian Zevenbergen, Managing Director of European Space Imaging. “He is both dedicated and passionate about remote sensing and I am confident in his ability to positively contribute to the Association and defend the industry interests of the members.”

Pascal began his career in 2006 with European Space Imaging holding a range of job titles before departing from his role as Sales Manager in 2017 to join Phase One as EMEA Sales Manager. In this position he was responsible for the overall sales of the Region, directing all sales pursuits and opportunities and managing key accounts. He returned to his roots at European Space Imaging in 2018 as Sales Director, where he is responsible for implementing the overall sales strategy and increasing offerings to both new and existing businesses.

He has close relationships with many European Commission authoritative entities and an extensive network of contacts within the industry. It is his aim as an EARSC Director to enable the fostering of closer relationships between EARSC members and these regulatory bodies in addition to nurturing network relationships to further increase awareness of the EO industry and highlight its significance to the EU market.

“I will support the Board with my industry expertise to maintain the well-established links between EARSC and industry, in addition to developing opportunities for EARSC members to connect to EU entities.” said Pascal in support of his successful election to the board.

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