DISCLAIMER: This is not a license. This is a summary of European Space Imaging’s / Maxar’s Group License that highlights its key terms. Please read the full Group License text for the exact (and legally binding) terms that apply.


You can license Maxar products pursuant to a GROUP LICENSE if:

  • You represent a legal entity, such as a company, that wants to share the Product with its affiliate entities for internal purposes only; or
  • You represent a government agency that wants to share the Product with other agencies in the same government for internal purposes only.


Sharing: You can share the Product with up to 4 of your affiliates or related agencies under a “Group License 1 to 5” or with an unlimited number of your affiliates or related agencies under a “Group License >5.”


Under a GROUP LICENSE, you and your authorized users are free to:

  • develop derivatives of the Product by formatting, editing, digitizing and/or combining with other data; or extracting geographic features, human-made features, persons or animals and related data via identification, measurement, and/or analysis; and
  • store, access and reproduce the Product and derivatives.


Unlimited Authorized Users: You can let an unlimited number of your employees and contractors, and an unlimited number of the employees and contractors of your affiliates or related agencies, use the Product.


Online Display.  You may also display an extract of the product or a derivative on a website in a non-extractable and non-downloadable format. However, Information Products may not be displayed online.


For internal use only:

  • You may only use the products and derivatives for your internal purposes, and the internal purposes of your affiliates or related agencies.
  • You may not use the products or derivatives for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes include publishing, reselling, or using on behalf of another company.


Data Derivatives can be used for all uses:

  • “Data Derivatives” are a specific type of derivative that you are permitted to use for any and all purposes.
  • Generally, Data Derivatives are derivatives that do not contain source data, and which are irreversible and uncoupled from the source product.
  • Different Products specify different types of Data Derivatives. Check the Group License for details.


With no right to share:

  • You may not share the Product or derivatives outside your legal entity and your group members.


For the term you choose:

  • Your license can be perpetualor for a one-year term (which can be renewed annually).




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