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State-of-the-art ground station at the German Aerospace Center

European Space Imaging (EUSI) has played a crucial role in the development of space-based remote sensing throughout Europe. Founded in 2002 and ushering in the era of VHR imagery by providing customers across the region with 80 cm resolution data from the infamous IKONOS satellite, EUSI continues to operate at the cutting edge of optical satellite imagery technology.

The safety, security and prosperity of the EU has thrived through our long-standing partnerships with essential programs such as ESA, SATCEN, JRC, FRONTEX, Copernicus, EMSA and more. We invite you to learn more about our contributions to the Earth observation industry, our participation in key EU initiatives and the team that makes it all happen.

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EU Mission Support

In the “New Space” age, partnerships between private companies and public entities are driving innovation and influencing policy like never before. Key leaders within the European Union (EU) understand the importance of space-based remote sensing in regional and global objectives. From assisting in conflict monitoring and supporting food security to propelling green energy initiatives, the EU relies on European Space Imaging to deliver the highest quality imagery paired with expert support and unmatched local connections.

European Space Infrastructure

EUSI does not simply provide access to imagery. We own and operate a multi-mission ground station at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), from which we task and directly downlink from the most advanced constellation of satellites in the world. This allows us to deliver near real-time data only 20 minutes after collection – the fastest VHR provider in Europe.

The EUSI ground station is a crucial piece in the DLR’s participation in EU security programmes and its responsibilities outlined by the German space strategy.

As EUSI expands, we aim to add more ground stations in other key European regions.


Satellite Technology

As more and more companies begin to launch new optical imagery satellites into orbit, it’s important to keep in mind that not all satellites are created equal.

EUSI has a long history of connecting Europe with the world’s most advanced satellites. In 2014, we were the first to introduce True 30 cm resolution imagery – more than 8 years before the next supplier. 

Currently downlinking to the Maxar WorldView constellation and preparing for the launch of WorldView Legion, we continue to offer the highest resolution, best accuracy and more spectral bands than any other European provider.

Expertise and Regional Support

EUSI takes data security very seriously. For this reason, 100% of the staff are vetted citizens of EU or NATO-compliant nations. With decades of expertise in geospatial sciences, satellite operations and EU policy, our flexible team is able to succeed where many larger multi-national organizations are too slow or rigid.

In addition to the in-house team, we support a network of approximately 60 satellite imagery and value added service providers across Europe who have intimate knowledge of their regional requirements and local markets.

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