WorldView Data

in the ESA EarthNet Programme

What are ESA Third Party Missions?


In addition to providing users with data from its own Earth observing satellites, the European Space Agency (ESA) uses its multi-mission ground systems to process, archive and distribute data from other satellites – so called Third Party Missions. Very High Resolution (VHR) imagery from the WorldView Constellation can be accessed by researchers and developers for non-commercial applications.

Who is Eligible?


Academics, scientists, researchers and qualifying start-ups are eligible to access data from ESA Third Party Missions for non-commercial use.

How do I apply?


Hopeful users should apply to the ESA portal and submit a project proposal. A response typically takes less than 2 weeks.
Click here to read the comprehensive Data Access Guide published by ESA.
For more information about WorldView satellite imagery and help with applying to the ESA EarthNet Programme, please contact us at opendata@euspaceimaging.com