Ecopia GFX

Powered by European Space Imaging

Scalable VHR Vector Maps


Ecopia Global Feature Extraction (GFX) Powered by European Space Imaging is a unique partnership that utilises the freshest, highest quality satellite imagery along with the most advanced artificial intelligence from Ecopia.AI (Ecopia) to offer accurate geospatial feature extraction at continent-wide scale. The product comes with up to 12 core features eligible for extraction, so users can receive comprehensive land cover maps with zero in-house GIS work. The resulting vector maps are delivered as easy-to-use shapefiles, enabling users to focus on necessary analytics rather than time consuming map making.


Millions of km2 can be vectorised every month with advanced machine learning


Iterative AI-based systems extract vector maps at scale with the accuracy of a trained GIS professional


Leveraging the +3 million km2 of imagery collected daily by the WorldView Constellation

Industry Applications

Autonomous Driving

As the task of driving becomes more automated, the role of digital maps shifts significantly. These next generation maps used for machines come in the form of a highly accurate and realistic representation of the road, generally referred to as high-definition (HD) maps.

Map layers created using Ecopia GFX Powered by European Space Imaging offer an accurate representation of roads and give users the ability to study lane model and lane geometry which are crucial attributes in autonomous vehicle navigation systems.

Municipal Governments

As urban centres grow, municipalities and governmental agencies must work harder than ever to monitor current environmental conditions and changes across geographies over time. Without scalable methods of mapping the natural and man-made worlds, these entities find it difficult to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and efficiently plan green infrastructure improvements.

Vector maps produced using Ecopia GFX Powered by European Space Imaging are used for a wide range of processes, planning activities, and geospatial analyses, including:

  • Property tax assessment
  • Planning civil engineering projects
  • Road & pavement management
  • Flood mapping
  • Land use analysis
  • Urban sprawl planning

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