Daily Revisits

More frequent collections means more precise data

Paris multi collection

Around the clock Imagery Collection

Actionable Intelligence

Multiple daily opportunities plus low latency makes intellegence more actionable

Precision Monitoring

The ability to monitor a single point on a sub-daily basis

Efficient Collections

Agility and frequency means large collection projects have higher success rates

European Space Imagery has access to three Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite constellations after the launch of Maxar’s WorldView Legion in 2023. This means users have unparalleled collection opportunities across Europe and North Africa.

The ability to capture a single Area of Interest (AOI) 5, 10 or even 15 times in a single day has significant impact on the completion of challenging collections involving bad weather or developing situations such as active missions or natural disasters.

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Emergency RESPONSE

Emergency situations change rapidly, but one thing remains constant – the need for accurate and timely intelligence. First responders rely on fresh imagery in order to map damages, plan evacuations and deliver supplies. 

As fires burn or flood waters rise, imagery from earlier in the day may no longer be accurate. The ability to collect a dedicated AOI multiple times per day gives rescuers and officials the tools they need to save lives and mitigate damage. 

time layers

Tipping & Cueing

Tipping & Cueing services from European Space Imaging combines Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and optical imagery to locate small targets within a large area. 

This valuable service benefits greatly from frequent satellite revisits. In an open ocean environment, “dark” vessels are constantly on the move and potentially avoiding detection. When a SAR image is used as a tip in order to cue a VHR image collection, time is of the essence. Even a single hour can mean the difference.