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AI Chain from Geo4i

The AI Chain from Geo4i is a GEOINT & IMINT API environment for the automatic detection of generic objects in satellite images. The product can be integrated into GeoSpace and is based on TensorFlow, tailored to fit D&I needs. The training set is generated by the user’s imagery and the product can be deployed within the customers secured infrastructure.

GeoSpace and Help4i can be fused together with this robust AI platform to automatically detect equipment and via measurements propose a list of identifying vehicle suggests that match the shape of your object.

Firstly, AI detection is performed on the imagery based on Geo4i’s database. The algorithm automatically masks the detected equipment and measures it length and width.  Through these measurements, it proposes a list of possible suggestions by equipment types to match your query.

Lastly the user gains full accessibility and interactivity to the equipment information sheets to 100% match detected equipment to its vehicle make and model.

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