the imagery trusted to keep Europe
safe, Productive
& Moving Forward

the imagery trusted to keep Europe
safe, Productive
& Moving Forward

In the “New Space” age, partnerships between private companies and public entities are driving innovation and influencing policy like never before. Key leaders within the European Union (EU) understand the importance of space-based remote sensing in regional and global objectives. From assisting in conflict monitoring and supporting food security to propelling green energy initiatives, the EU relies on European Space Imaging to deliver the highest quality imagery paired with expert support and unmatched local connections.

Clear Advantages

True 30 cm Resolution

When you need to clearest imagery in the world

Multi-mission Ground Station

When rapid delivery makes the difference

Multiple Daily Revisits

When you need constant monitoring

Monitoring Conflict & Arms Embargoes

Recent years have seen the fall of traditional combat structures, the rise of agile enemy groups and a rapid increase of infrastructure in politically sensitive regions. For nearly a decade, there has been at least two continuously active conflicts within the collection window of European Space Imaging.

The need for engagement, peace keeping and enforcement of arms embargoes means Libya, Syria and other conflict zones are being  monitored daily with optical satellites to provide a detailed picture of what is happening on the ground in near real-time.

Al-Jufra Airbase in Libya  |  © European Space Imaging  |  GeoEye-1  |  2019
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European Space Imaging is trusted by crucial missions to collect daily 30 cm resolution imagery in known conflict zones and suspected embargo “break points”. The images are delivered in as little as 20 minutes to mission analysts thanks to our advanced constellation Direct Access Facility (cDAF) and round-the-clock planning and support.

Maritime Situational Awareness

There is a growing need for coverage and detection of large maritime areas, mainly in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Since physically accessing such a large area is practically impossible, satellite imagery offers an efficient and cost-effective solution. 

European Space Imaging works with many regulatory bodies monitoring EU waters to ascertain Maritime Situational Awareness in order to identify vessels, rescue lives  at sea and keep Europe and its citizens safe.

Vessel Collision & Oil Spill |  © European Space Imaging  |  WorldView-2  |  2018
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Monitoring the marine environment poses unique challenges of rapidly changing weather patterns and constantly moving vessels. We have tailored ordering, collection and rush delivery workflows to mitigate these challenges and maintain valuable partnerships with EU maritime authorities.

Border Control & Displaced Populations

The external borders of the EU are vast and complicated. They traverse oceans, mountains, and rivers. But boats, trucks, and personnel will always leave gaps, and effective management requires the ability to monitor and react to action at any geographical location.

This has become less challenging due, in part, to the valuable data streams of high demand collections from European Space Imaging. The reliable 30 cm imagery allows agencies to visualize the situation along the border, even where there are no resources on the ground.

Refugees at Turkey-Greece Border   |  © European Space Imaging  |  WorldView-3  |  2020
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Through the custom solutions offered by European Space Imaging to EU security organizations benefiting border control, humanitarian and maritime applications, we have ensured long lasting partnerships with European border monitoring and international aid missions.

Emergency Response

As disasters increase in frequency and severity, there is a growing need for effective planning and rapid response. Manual surveying large areas of devastation can take days.
Pre- and post-event satellite imagery enables first responders to make the most impact by quickly mapping passable routes to deliver critical services in the most efficient manner.

European Space Imaging has worked with EU-funded emergency response and mapping services for over 17 years. We are the only European provider to offer True 30 cm resolution imagery. This benefit paired with our unique ability to accept emergency orders 24/7 and deliver within 30 minutes of collection positions us as the leader in space-based natural disaster and humanitarian crisis monitoring in Europe.

Beirut Port Explosion   |  © European Space Imaging  |  WorldView-2  |  2020
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An advanced system for integrating activations from European municipalities into the collection plan and the comprehensive real-time weather monitoring by our operations department has lead to hundreds of successful data deliveries and countless lives saved.

Agriculture & LArge Scale Mapping

The Controls with Remote Sensing (CwRS) program monitors agricultural land for which farmers have been granted subsidies under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), amounting to approximately €40 billion per year. European Space Imaging has been the major provider of Very High Resolution satellite data to the program since 2003. 

Collecting hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of data each year, we’ve had a completion success rate of 100% since 2016, further enhancing the company’s reputation for reliability as Europe’s leading VHR satellite imagery provider.


False Color Vegetation Analysis  |  © European Space Imaging  |  WorldView-3  |  2020
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European Space Imaging has particularly excelled at large collections in challenging weather conditions. Europe has a diverse climate with many regions blanketed in clouds for much of the year. The unique real-time weather monitoring by our operations team has ensured success for the most demanding projects.

Green Energy & Smart Cities

The European Commission has taken a bold stance in building framework for carbon neutrality by 2050 with ambitious benchmarks by the year 2030. With tremendous investment going into new infrastructure and environmental monitoring, European Space Imaging is poised to play a large role in the success of these initiatives.

Funding for “Green Deal” related projects has already had a large impact on our orders as we are the leading supplier of VHR imagery and the only supplier of 30 cm resolution to European data access programs.

Iberdola solar farm construction  |  © European Space Imaging  |  WorldView-3  |  2020
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Fused with green energy and environmental protection regulations is the motivation by cities to go “smart”. Our unique partnerships with advanced computing and geospatial enterprises positions European Space Imaging as a local leader in space-based remote sensing solutions for autonomous driving and sustainable urban planning.

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