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European Space Imaging offers web services with powerful hosting infrastructure, giving users access to current, high-resolution imagery and geospatial information from desktops and mobile devices around the world.


Get online access to daily updated imagery, from anywhere in the world. EarthWatch is designed to make imagery accessible to anyone who needs it, whether you’re concerned with a specific area or the entire globe. Access to this current, high-quality geospatial data could mean the difference between your organization taking a best guess and making the right decision. EarthWatch offers:

  • A pay-per-use subscription model
  • Global coverage
  • The world’s highest quality imagery
  • Immediate downloads via the cloud

Solutions for Every Application


EarthWatch helps you keep an eye on your area of interest by sending you alerts whenever new imagery has been collected.

Detect Change

Inbuilt software tools allow you to easily compare images – letting you see at a glance how an area has changed over time.

Stay Up-To-Date

Imagery is collected on a regular schedule, allowing you to keep your organisation’s maps and apps current.

Easy Access

EarthWatch can be accessed online or via an API that streams data directly into your own applications.

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