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EO for Food, Energy and Environment

PARSEC is an EU project which aspires to provide start-ups and SMEs with the necessary resources to develop and launch Earth Observation (EO) based products and services into the market. This will be realised through a comprehensive acceleration programme, offering a total of €2.5 Million euro equity-free funding to applicants, alongside coaching, training and market entry support. The project focuses on three emerging sectors: food, energy and environment. To learn more, visit  parsec-accelerator.eu


In order to show our support for this initiative, European Space Imaging is offering a 50% discount* on select VHR satellite imagery to all successful PARSEC applicants – any applicant who has been selected after an open call to be part of the consortium forming stage or has already formed a consortium.


To find out how to claim your discount, please email us at parsec@euspaceimaging.com


*Discount cannot be combined with any other offers.

How can Very High Resolution (VHR)

satellite imagery contribute to your PARSEC project?

European Space Imaging has long been committed to the success of both public and commercial research projects across Europe. We operate Maxar’s WorldView constellation as it passes over Europe in order to provide users with the only TRUE 30 cm resolution satellite imagery commercially available.



With 16 multispectral bands including SWIR and +3 million square kilometers of imagery collected every day and a dedicated team of geospatial experts available to guide you to the perfect solution, the advantages of utilising VHR satellite imagery from European Space Imaging are clear.

Detailed Analysis

Very high resolution satellite imagery is clear enough to show road individual plants, vehicles, small pipes and even people. This allows for precise monitoring of forests, crops and infrastructure. It is ideal for:

  • Detecting illegal logging
  • Inspecting energy infrastructure
  • Identifying tree stress and pest infestations
  • Analysing potential renewable energy sites
  • Supporting firefighting efforts
  • Calculating oil & gas reserves

Precision Agriculture

The WorldView constellation has more spectral diversity and better spatial resolution than any other fleet of satellites – allowing you to see more of what is actually happening on your land. A near-infrared (NIR) image like this one shows vegetation as different shades of red and is sensitive enough to discriminate between types of plants, their stage of maturity and changes in plant health before they are visible to the human eye.

This enables:

  • Early warning of health problems
  • Data for calculating yield
  • Optimising harvest timing
  • Monitoring of weeds, pests and diseases
  • Irrigation system planning and inspection
  • Managing water resources and soil quality

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