The Leader in Very High Resolution (VHR) Imagery


Based in Munich, Germany and established in 2002, European Space Imaging is the leading premium supplier of global very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery and derived services to customers in Europe and North Africa.
With over 16 years’ experience, European Space Imaging has developed a reputation for expert and personalised customer service and an unbeatable track record for supplying tailored very high resolution imagery solutions to meet the diverse projects and requirements of their customers.
Furthermore, European Space Imaging is the only European satellite data provider to supply imagery at true 30 cm resolution and who own and operate its own multi-mission ground station for direct satellite tasking and local data downlink.

30 cm Resolution

Our satellite images are so detailed it is easy to identify small objects like cars and road markings - so you can see what is really there.

More Spectral Bands

With 16 bands, the WorldView constellation has unprecedented spectral diversity, allowing the detection of things invisible to the naked eye.

Near Real-Time

We have people working around the clock to ensure you get your data as quickly as possible, so you can make the right decision faster.

Exactly The Right Image

From our ground station in Munich, Germany, we have direct access to the WorldView satellite constellation. This enables us to collect custom satellite images for our customers.