The Power of 1 Meter

Not every use case requires True 30 cm resolution. The option of 50 cm – 1 meter resolution imagery complements our world renowned 30 – 50 cm resolution imagery and offers users the “sweet spot” of collecting data with enough clarity to extract meaningful insights at a frequency and cost that is competitive within the industry.


With a WorldView constellation archive dating back to 1999 and unique partnership with Satellogic that significantly increases our capacity and revisit capabilities, this category of imagery has an enormous impact on large mapping projects as well as organisations in need of constant monitoring and multiple collection opportunities in a single day.

30 cm or 1 meter? Which is best for my project?

Generally speaking, the wide range of satellite imagery offered by European Space Imaging is great for nearly every use case. However, 30 cm and HD imagery offers users the clearest possible resolution which is ideal for identifying small objects such as road lines, individual plants or even people. Resolutions closer to 1 meter may not have the same clarity, but are still very detailed and come with the advantage that there are several more satellites capable of capturing images more frequently – even multiple times per day.


To learn more about 50cm – 1 meter imagery, continue reading. To discover the power of 30 cm and HD imagery, chose an option below.

The Freshest Imagery

The advantage of our sub-meter category of satellite imagery is the revisit rate. The spacecraft that capture these images are smaller, cheaper to build and easier to launch. European Space Imaging has a unique partnership with Satellogic which gives our customers access to unprecedented daily revisits at sub-meter resolutions once the entire 300 sensor constellation is realized.

Multiple Daily Collections

Entire Earth Captured Daily

+ 300 Planned Satellites

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