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First Look

Accelerate your crisis response

Be the first to see how a crisis is unfolding with our online subscription service for emergency management. You get fast web-based access to pre-event and post-event imagery plus updates as our constellation continues to collect data on a priority basis. Share imagery of on-ground conditions anywhere, anytime, on desktops or mobile devices. Know evolving conditions and make informed decisions quickly.

First responders

Whether it's a flood or fire, an earthquake or explosion, every minute counts. With FirstLook, you know on-ground conditions fast for a rapid, informed response.

Insurance companies

You can't control Mother Nature, but you can control your response. FirstLook lets insurance companies understand exposure and service clients faster.

Defense and intelligence

FirstLook enables decision-makers to gather actionable information about rapidly evolving events. Geospatial data informs military strategy to protect assets around the globe.

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