DigitalGlobe Basemap

DigitalGlobe Basemap

Off-the-shelf, planet-wide coverage in the world's best basemap.

DigitalGlobe's basemap is the foundational layer that provides background, or reference information, in your map allowing you to focus on the information your users find valuable in your map-based application. Our GIS-ready basemap has you covered whether your area of interest is state-wide, regional, or global. DigitalGlobe's large-area mosaics deliver unmatched consistency and currency.

A foundational tool

Leverage DigitalGlobe Basemap as the start to a robust tool for enabling decision making across your organization. Combine multiple data sources to provide full coverage of the Earth's surface with multiple zoom layers. DigitalGlobe Basemap is a subscription service, requires no new collection requests or traditional order processing, and is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need and more to create stunning maps
  • Choose from all 500 million square kilometers of the earth's surface.
  • On-demand access makes collaboration easy.
  • Secure connection ensures privacy.

DigitalGlobe Basemap + VIVID

The most consistent, visually-vibrant basemap yet

Our experts start with sophisticated algorithms to identify the best images for your country-wide basemap. We then adjust for a host of details like contrast, tonal blending, and season. The result? A layer with unrivalled consistency, completeness, and visual appeal.

Unrivaled visual appeal:

  • Get consistent imagery on a countrywide scale to enable unrivaled experiences and accurate common operational pictures.
  • Deep historical archive is the key enabler to create high-quality, comprehensive mosaics.

DigitalGlobe Basemap + DAILY

Everything new, every 24 hours

With +Daily your basemap is continuously updated with the most current imagery available. Keep pace as never before with your ever-changing area of interest.

The only service of its kind:

  • A premier subscription service providing full-resolution view and image chip download
    capability of the daily take.
  • Includes all non-holdback collections from our constellation.
  • Eligible imagery is accessible online 24 to 72 hours after downlink.
  • 1M square kilometers per day made accessible online, including metadata.

We give you access to the imagery you need, when you need it.

DigitalGlobe Basemap + METRO

DigitalGlobe Basemap +Metro provides easy access to up-to-date high-resolution imagery of more than 2,600 world capitals and major metropolitan areas

Imagery is mosaicked together to provide a consistent view of the urban landscape, including high-value areas of interest, extending beyond the city center to encompass suburbs, airports, and other developed zones of population hubs around the globe.

The +Metro product is held to a high quality standard to provide the best blend of coverage, currency, and
consistency. Basemap + Metro balances the need for currency and consistency through predictable refresh
and an aesthetically pleasing visual experience that creates a virtually seamless, highly accurate view of
each metro area.

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