DigitalGlobe Basemap

DigitalGlobe Basemap

Off-the-shelf, planet-wide coverage in the world's best basemap.

DigitalGlobe's basemap is the foundational layer that provides background, or reference information, in your map allowing you to focus on the information your users find valuable in your map-based application. Our GIS-ready basemap has you covered whether your area of interest is state-wide, regional, or global. DigitalGlobe's large-area mosaics deliver unmatched consistency and currency.

A foundational tool

Leverage DigitalGlobe Basemap as the start to a robust tool for enabling decision making across your organization. Combine multiple data sources to provide full coverage of the Earth's surface with multiple zoom layers. DigitalGlobe Basemap is a subscription service, requires no new collection requests or traditional order processing, and is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Everything you need and more to create stunning maps
  • Choose from all 500 million square kilometers of the earth's surface.
  • On-demand access makes collaboration easy.
  • Secure connection ensures privacy.


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