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Monday, 02 October 2017

Satellite Images show Europe's diversity in new book

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European Space Imaging have partnered with eoVision to produce a book entirely comprised of satellite imagery


European Space Imaging have partnered with eoVision to produce a book entirely comprised of satellite imagery showcasing the diversity of Europe as seen from space.

The book titled Europa - Kontinent der Vielfalt (Europe, the diversity) tells the story of Europe using more than 100 current satellite images to display the present and highlight the past incorporating political, economic and social challenges that are facing the continent. From historical sights of significance that have lasted the span of time to current villages and cities where urbanisation and migration are clearly visible, the satellite images portray Europe in many differing aspects.

“European Space Imaging is the market leader of very high resolution imagery across Europe. We are delighted to be able to exclusively partner with EOVision on this project and supply imagery showcasing the diversity of Europe” said Managing Director, Adrian Zevenbergen.

The satellite images included within the book also identify the changing landscapes, natural and man-made, to be found in Europe. Due to the long history of the continent and comparatively dense populations, hardly untouched landscapes are acknowledged, however predominantly the continent is used extensively. Furthermore topics such as border controls, refugee migration, global warming and climate change are discussed.

“It was very important for us to include only the best satellite imagery of Europe available within this book. This is why we chose to partner with European Space Imaging. Not only is the quality of their imagery outstanding, but their flexibility and personalised customer service made the entire process very easy” commented eoVision editor Gerald Mansberger.

The book will be available from Sunday 15 October 2017 and can be purchased at www.eovision.at

About eoVision
eoVision Media produces as a publisher and in cooperation with other publishing houses coffee table books, atlases, posters, maps, games and books specialised on issues involving geography, environment, globalisation and sustainability. Images from the company’s large image archive can be licensed by media houses, publishers, multimedia producers and broadcasting companies.

About European Space Imaging
European Space Imaging (EUSI) is a leading supplier of global very high-resolution (VHR) satellite imagery, direct satellite tasking and derived services to customers in Europe, North Africa and CIS countries. They offer customers access to the highest resolution imagery (50-30 cm) from the largest constellation of sub-meter satellites and to the most extensive worldwide VHR data archive. With a reputation for expert and personalized customer service they have been providing tailored VHR imagery solutions to meet their customers’ diverse project requirements since 2002.