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Thursday, 24 May 2018

GISCafe Special Coverage: Geospatial Data Providers and Services

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Susan Smith blogs about European Space Imaging's services on GISCafe.

Data providers abound in the GIS and geospatial industry. Choices range from mapping, built and natural terrain modeling, survey, GIS/LIS technologies, geospatial web, and asset inventory, mapping, geodetic and engineering surveying, photogrammetry, satellite imagery and real-time satellite data, remote sensing, aerial and ground-based LiDAR surveys, geographic and land information systems (GIS/LIS), 3D scanning, and spatial computing and analysis and much more.

There are many free data and information sources for both spatial and geographic needs, from both the government and commercial sectors. Many data sources are available within minutes of making a request. Geospatial data can come in customizable forms as well as off-the-shelf and can be used for many purposes outside the GIS industry.

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