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Aerial Imagery

Aerial Imagery

Planning. Collection. Production. Integration. Precision Aerial delivers the industry’s first high-quality, wall-to-wall collection of 30 cm natural color (RGB) and 60 cm color infrared (CIR) aerial orthomosaics covering the contiguous United States and Western Europe. Through agreements with Microsoft™, premium quality imagery is being acquired exclusively with UltraCamG® digital imaging technology to provide comprehensive coverage with industry-leading accuracy, quality and aesthetics.

+ Features

  • Collected in 1 degree by 1 degree blocks (~10,000 km²) in a grid pattern for complete country coverage. High value urban areas are collected and processed contiguously to ensure high quality within densely populated areas.

  • Comprehensive, wall-to-wall collection of orthomosaics at 30 cm natural color and 60 cm color infrared.

  • Optimized on a single standard and is application ready. Using standard format, common platform, uniform resolution, and single sensor contribute to providing a consistent mosaic that will easily mesh with other datasets.
  • Industry-leading planimetric, best-in-class accuracy. Leverages proven UltraCamG® digital imaging technology, specifically designed for collecting large image swaths with the highest consistency, accuracy and aesthetic quality. This bird's eye view provides aerial imagery free of clouds, cloud shadows, haze, fog, pollution, and snow. Rural areas have less than 1% cloud cover.

  • Complete coverage means fast delivery at a lower cost, with no aggregation, no hassles, and no missing data. Users get the imagery they need, when they need it, at an affordable price.

  • Unlike aggregated aerial imagery, Precision Aerial imagery is collected using a common sensor and platform at a uniform resolution with standard specifications. This provides consistent country/regional coverage, making easier integration and analysis possible.

+ Delivery

Advanced Elevation Series is delivered via:

  • 32-bit signed floating GeoTiff file
  • ISO 19115 metadata

Media delivery: External HD
Web-based delivery: FTP
Cloud services

Product options:

  • Natural color
  • Color infrared

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